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What are Casino Games?

Casino games, typically played within a betting establishment or online, are games of chance in which players risk monetary amounts in hopes of winning larger sums.

This form of entertainment is widely available, both within traditional brick-and-mortar casinos as well as digital platforms where it is legally permitted.

These games have gained widespread popularity, often played outside of a betting setting for pure leisure, such as at social gatherings, educational competitions, and online casino websites.

Singapore is home to numerous online casinos, each offering a vast array of games for players to partake in. So, what are the favored casino games among Singaporean gamers? We’ll be showcasing a list of the most sought-after casino games in the country.

The following is a rundown of the top casino games in Singapore:

1. Online Slots

Online slots have experienced a massive surge in popularity with the proliferation of internet betting platforms. Gaming sites now offer thousands of these games, each with its own distinct look and feel, ranging from fruity themes to symbols inspired by ancient civilizations, diamonds, and more.

Despite the differences in appearance, all online slots operate on the principle of randomly arranging symbols into one or more winning combinations. The number of reels and rows can vary, as can the number of pay lines, which indicate the possible winning sequences. As a player, it is important to familiarize yourself with the rules and pay line configurations before placing any bets.

2. Table Game

Baccarat (Commission & Non-Commission)

The Thrilling Game of Baccarat

Baccarat is a captivating game of chance where two hands compete for victory. The hand with the highest score triumphs, offering players a chance to exercise control over their bets, unlike other games where the deal is fixed. This makes Baccarat a fair and favored game among many.

The rules of Baccarat, while intricate, are executed with minimal input from the player, who simply decides which hand to bet on. The dealer manages the rest, making Baccarat a straightforward and thrilling game.

There are two versions of Baccarat played at casinos – Commission and Non-Commission. To learn about the distinction between these 2 versions, consult our comprehensive guide on playing Baccarat available on our website.


Blackjack is a card game that is played between the player and the dealer. The goal of the game is to get a hand with a higher score than the dealer’s hand, but not exceeding 21 points. Each card from 2 to 10 has its face value, while face cards (Jack, Queen, and King) are worth 10 points, and Aces can be either 1 or 11 points.

At the beginning of the game, both the player and the dealer receive two cards. The player can choose to hit or take more cards until they reach a score that they are satisfied with. The dealer, on the other hand, must follow strict rules and must hit until they reach 17 points or more.

Blackjack can be played with multiple decks of cards, and the rules may vary slightly between different casinos. Before playing Blackjack, it is recommended to learn the basic strategy and understand the rules of the specific version being played.


In Roulette, the odds of winning can vary depending on the type of bet. For example, betting on a single number has a lower chance of winning, but the payout is much higher compared to betting on a color or a range of numbers.

It’s important to understand the rules and the different types of bets before playing Roulette. Players can also try different betting strategies to improve their odds of winning.


Craps is a dice-based casino game that is similar in style to the game of Sicbo. The game of Craps is played on a unique and new table, and it has its own set of terms and rules that players must learn in order to play the game effectively.

In order to play Craps, players will go through two rounds of rolling the dice. The outcome of the first round of rolling will determine whether the player will continue to the second round or if the game is over. During each round, players have the option to place bets on different areas of the table, depending on their preferences. The outcome of each roll is decided by the numbers that are displayed on the dice, and this will determine the winner and loser of each bet.

Poker (Texas hold’em, Five-card draw, Omaha hold’em)

Poker is a popular and beloved card game among casino players. It requires calculation, strategy, and attention to detail to be successful. Poker games offer a high payout potential, making them attractive to players. The objective of the game is to have the strongest hand among the players, with the winner receiving a bonus from their bet. However, losing players will forfeit their initial bet.

There are several variations of poker, including Texas hold’em, Five-card draw, and Omaha hold’em. These different variations allow players to find a version that suits their preferences and playing style. If you are new to poker, you can find detailed instructions on how to play each variation on our website.

Big Six wheel

Big Six Wheel is a simple game of chance that is popular among casino players. The objective of the game is to place a bet and spin the big wheel, which is operated by the dealer.

The wheel is positioned vertically and rotated by the dealer for each turn, and typically, it features numbers and symbols that correspond to various payouts.

The player wins by matching the number on the spin with their bet, with the payout being calculated as the bet amount multiplied by the number of times indicated by the wheel.

The game is similar to a lottery game, with players hoping to hit the jackpot by spinning the wheel. You can find more information about the game and how to play it on our website.

Pai Gow

In Pai Gow, the objective is to create two hands from the seven cards dealt, one with five cards and one with two cards. The five-card hand must be stronger than the two-card hand. The player’s two hands are compared to the dealer’s two hands and whoever has the strongest hands wins.

Additionally, the joker card, which is used as an ace, is a valuable card in Pai Gow and can be used to complete a straight, a flush, or other winning combinations.

To play Pai Gow, it’s important to understand the ranking of hands and the strategies involved in creating the best two hands possible. You can find more information on the rules and strategies of Pai Gow on our website.


To play Rummy, each player is dealt a certain number of cards, typically 13, and the goal is to arrange these cards into sets of 3 or 4 cards of the same rank, or runs of consecutive cards of the same suit. The first player to arrange all of their cards in this way wins the game.

If a player is unable to arrange their cards into sets or runs, they may be penalized and may lose the game. Rummy is typically played with 2 to 3 decks of cards, including a Joker, and can be played with 2 to 6 players.

The rules for Rummy are relatively straightforward and make it an enjoyable game for players of all skill levels.


Fantan is an ancient Chinese gambling game with simple rules. The betting table is designed with a square in the middle, divided into sides labeled 1, 2, 3, and 4 for easy distinction. The dealer uses a copper lid to separate a random number of buttons.

Players must predict the number of buttons that will be left in the lid after they are divided equally by 4. They place their bets on the corresponding number on the table. The dealer then opens the lid and uses a stick to remove buttons until there are 4 or fewer left.

The remaining number of buttons determines the outcome of the game. If the result is 4, then the player who bet on 4 wins. The game result is determined in this simple manner.


After placing your bets, the dealer will then reveal the result of the dice roll. Depending on the combination of the numbers that appear on the dice, players will win or lose their bets. The payouts in Sicbo are determined by the probability of each combination occurring.

For example, a combination of three of a kind (e.g. three 2s) has a lower probability of occurring and therefore pays out more, while a combination of two of a kind (e.g. two 4s and one 1) has a higher probability of occurring and therefore pays out less.

Sicbo is a fast-paced and exciting game that is easy to understand, making it a popular choice for both seasoned and new players. With various betting options and the potential for big payouts, Sicbo is sure to keep players on the edge of their seats.

Dragon Tiger

Dragon Tiger is a fast-paced card game where players bet on the outcome of two cards, one for the “Dragon” hand and one for the “Tiger” hand. The objective is to correctly predict which hand will have a higher-value card.

This game is a favorite among foreign-licensed bookmakers due to its fast pace, ease of play, and large participant pool, which leads to substantial profits.

Additionally, Dragon Tiger combines elements of Baccarat, making it an attractive game with various variations to keep players engaged.


If the value of your hand is closer to 21 than the Dealer’s, you win. If the value of your hand is equal to that of the Dealer, it is considered a draw (also known as a “push”). If the value of your hand is higher than 21, you lose (also known as “busting”).

Bull Bull

In Bull Bull, each player is dealt 5 cards, and then the players will try to get the highest point hand by using the same ranking system as Poker.

The player with the highest point hand wins the game. The game also allows players to bet on many different sets, making the game unpredictable and exciting.

Pok Deng

Pok Deng is a fast-paced game that is easy to understand and play. The objective is to have a hand with a higher value than the dealer’s hand.

The game uses a standard deck of Western playing cards and can be played by 2 to 7 players at a table.

The rules are simple, and with a little practice, you can quickly get a feel for the game and learn some strategies to increase your chances of winning.

3. Gaming machines


Pachinko is a type of mechanical game that is popular in Japan. It is similar to a pinball machine and involves shooting small metal balls into the machine and trying to get them to land in certain pockets to earn bonus points.

There are various types of Pachinko machines, including Pachinko Pinball and Pachinko Sult, which are designed like ATMs. Some Pachinko machines also feature manga or anime characters to attract fans of 2D animation.

Slot Machine

The rules of a slot machine are straightforward and consist of three main steps: placing a bet, spinning the reels, and collecting bonuses. The outcome of the game depends on hitting the right combination of symbols.

To enhance the gaming experience, slot machines offer a variety of flexible options and different rules, which depend on the type of bet you choose.

It’s also important to familiarize yourself with the specific terms used in playing slot machines.

Typically, slot games can be categorized into four main types: Video Slots, Bonus Slots, Progressive Jackpot Slots, and 3-Reel Slots.

4. Fishing Slot

When playing shooting fish online, selecting the right ammunition is crucial to earning rewards. Only shooting dead fish will result in rewards.

It is important to understand how to carefully choose the right ammunition, as this is a key factor in winning the game and making real money.

To succeed, you must match the type of bullets with the target fish.

Keep in mind that some bullets have limited power and should only be used to shoot smaller fish. These bullets offer low bonuses and are best used for sniping. On the other hand, shooting larger fish with these weak bullets is not only expensive but also ineffective.

5. P2P

P2P refers to Play-to-Play, a category of games that involve real money betting. In these games, players have the chance to participate in unique card games and win real money.

To keep players entertained, the games offered in P2P are always fresh and new. They feature a variety of card games from different countries.

The gaming atmosphere in P2P is not as intense as in online casinos, and the interface is designed with inviting colors and images to provide a sense of relaxation and entertainment, while still satisfying the need for real-money betting.

6. Toto (Lottery)


Keno is a highly popular betting game that is commonly found at bookies. It’s well-liked due to its simple rules and high odds of winning, which attract many players.

The game involves 80 marbles, numbered from 1 to 80, and the dealer randomly selects 20 of them. Players place their bets on these 20 marbles, and if their chosen numbers match the dealer’s, they win the game. If not, the dealer wins.

To be Continued……

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