In Singapore, horse racing is a well-liked activity that draws both residents and visitors. The Singapore Turf Club, the only and oldest horse-racing club in the nation, is home to top-notch facilities for racing sports. 

It’s understandable that both physical and online casino horse racing enthusiasts are constantly searching for the best tips and techniques to help them win big at the races, given the sport’s illustrious past and state-of-the-art facilities.

You’re in luck if you’re looking for trustworthy Singapore horse racing predictions.

We’ll go over some trustworthy Singapore horse racing pointers and strategies in this article to help you increase the likelihood that you’ll win bets!

horse betting singapore

1: Always Wager With Money That You Can Afford to Lose.

Put an end to your starry-eyed fantasies of winning a meeting and consistently selecting expensive runners. You will make better decisions when you are not under any psychological pressure to win in order to pay the rent or any other financial responsibility, which is why we advise betting with money you can afford to lose.

Members have the option to set a variety of betting limits with all online bookmakers.

Even if you might not require it, it is a good idea to choose your bank in advance. Any boundaries established may be reviewed later and altered either upward or downward. A little amount of prudence now will prevent 50 regrets later.

2: Set a Limit on the Amount you are Willing to Bet on any one Race

This connects to the first suggestion. Again, the online bookmakers will let you establish this per-race cap, but you should give this sum of money great consideration. A general guideline is to limit any bets you make on a race to two percent or less of your overall wagering budget.

Never wager more than $20 on a single race in Singapore horse racing if you establish up a bookie membership with $1,000.

You can place 20 bets on one race without going over the two percent/$20 race restriction thanks to the absurdly cheap minimum wagers most bookmakers give.

Please take note that we are only stating that you might have 20 punts on a single race without running the risk of going over the $20 limit.

3: Expect to Spend Some Time Evaluating the Runners in a Race

An estimated 1/3 of the time, according to statistics compiled over decades of racing and thousands of races, a favorite will prevail.

A likelihood of one in three before a race may seem reasonable, but the other two-thirds provide a lot of opportunity for different outcomes and a sizable gap into which you can place your bets.

You should spend some time studying a favorite in the hopes of forming an opinion about whether the top-line phrase reflects a sound choice, might be exposed for a variety of reasons, or is flat-out incorrect.

There will be numerous occasions where the favorite is clearly going to win, but the odds are so low that the payout barely covers the bookmaker’s margin expenses.

From that vantage point, it might be a smart idea to simply give up on that race, or to place additional bets to supplement a paltry reward from a favorite, or to provide some hedging mechanisms in the event that a favorite falters for any reason.

4: Develop Some Ability to Understand and Use the Form

A vital skill to have, even if it starts off low and rises with experience, is the ability to handicap a race field based on recent results, how one horse performs when competing against another, track conditions, field size, distance, and many other factors.

You might avoid choosing the incorrect horse as a result. Keep in mind that you cannot lose a bet on a race in which you are not placing a wager.

Do not worry if it turns out that skipping a race would have won you a significant sum of money. There will be other races in the future.

5: Give Some Thought to the Racing Strategy that any Particular Race Might Entail

How well has a horse performed while employing this tactic if some horses must start out at a fast pace and hope to avoid kickers? Will horses that hold the position for the final 200 meters have room to attempt a late push in a huge field, perhaps 12 or more?

Looking at a horse’s past from various perspectives is one of the finest criteria for this advice. Most of the time, but not always, it is OK to draw the rail if the horse has tight turns.

In contrast, a horse that starts wide will have to travel farther, take up a place behind the leaders by crossing inside, and wait for some racing room to open up.

If the trip is extended to 1800–2000 meters, a runner who can make up the extra distance at 1600 meters may lose steam.

There are professionals who make a living taking into account all of these things and more. Do not be reluctant to take their knowledge into account while making your selections.

6: Have a Fairly Specific Plan for a Meeting

Keep in mind that the bookmakers have a strategy. The costs they provide are indicative of their strategy. Even when they get it wrong and you win a substantial prize, the bookies are still paying you with the money of the bettors who couldn’t be bothered to look at the races in advance.

They are right more frequently than they are wrong. Your strategy should be as comprehensive.

A carnival meeting will typically have 8–10 races. It is best to look at the fields and odds for three or four races that don’t give much value for half an hour the night before the meeting. In a nine-race meeting, there are five races left if you exclude the first five.

Does it imply that you should put the $100 you had planned to spend on the five races to use and raise your bet to $40 for the races you want to punt? We wouldn’t prohibit you, but if you use this reasoning, you end up risking the money you saved on the other four races, negating the benefit of not betting on weak races.

Keep in mind that when punting in Singapore horse racing, your survival often depends on it.

Also keep in mind that the bookies have an advantage because they set the pricing and take part in every race, similar to the advantage the house has in casino games.

A strategy for distributing your risk among all the many bet kinds that bookmakers offer, such as win bets, each-way wagers, and exotic wagers, such as Trifectas and multis, should be part of your planning.

7: It is Okay to Exult When You Win or Mourn When You Lose

As long as you adhere to your plan. You can achieve this by ignoring others nearby who make unsolicited betting recommendations in an effort to sway your choices. There is no one who can predict the winners or which boxed trifecta will win.

Thoroughbred race punting might be eliminated with the help of just one individual who possesses this kind of expertise. Keep in mind to follow your plan whether you are placing a wager online or at the racetrack.

Your plan may need to be adjusted.

Some components might need to be thrown out totally. Your plan will change as you go along and you will gain vital experience, but do so on Tuesday rather than in the middle of a meeting on a Saturday.

8: Do Not Chase Losses

Don’t increase your investment to $40 for the third race if your pick was edged out at the finish line and your $20 went into the bookmaker’s pocket. It’s a bad idea to chase losses by upping your bets.

We can give you advice to build the mindset of a professional golfer as one example. Professionals only get one shot at a goal. They have developed the mental fortitude to swiftly ignore a poor shot and move on to the next one. Similarly, even if their last shot was beautiful, it won’t matter when it’s time to take the following one.

On the other hand, if you succeed, resist the temptation to raise your stakes since you feel unstoppable. Giving money back in this manner is among the worst feelings a person can have. Arrogant people may always count on fate to beat them down.

Keep your eyes on the prize, which is to come out ahead financially. The best course of action to take if your initial punt pays off is to take out 80% of the winnings. Your bank increases by 20% right away, which reduces any strain you might be feeling while you choose your bets for upcoming races.

9: More Money Lost Than Won, Plan Needs to be Tweaked

Everyone appreciates a routine. Because habits are fundamental to how we live our lives, it makes sense that your betting habits are a sign that you are doing your best to deal with uncertainty.

Singapore horse Race punting is a challenging sport that demands originality and constant adaptation to the current reality. The problem with plans, routines, and habits, however, is that they can snuff out creative thinking. When the track receives 60 millimeters of rain, the horse that appeared to be a lock on Friday night may falter overnight.

If your strategy planning was thorough, you should already have your backup choice prepared, but it’s acceptable if you have to wait until Saturday morning. The same holds true if your Friday selection of the $2.50 runner has been dropped to $1.20.

Though extreme, many favorites experience situations like this. Some gamblers attempt to get around this reality by placing bets when the markets rise.

The problem with that strategy is that with most internet bookmakers, the money is lost if a backed horse is scratched on race day.

A bonus bet of equal value may be substituted in its place, but keep in mind that real money and bonus money are not the same thing. Punting is so exciting because it allows you to be open to the possibility that you might do everything in your power right and still lose.

10: If You Are Not Having Fun, Stop Punting

The first piece of advice on this list again comes into play in this situation. Having fun is difficult when your first four punts are nicked. Whether it is a loss by a nose or four lengths, it is still a loss. Remember that punting thoroughbreds can be a streaky endeavor.

You can have a 60 percent strike rate, which means that 60 out of every 100 races result in a profit. Those 60 victories and those 40 defeats are rarely distributed evenly.

Sometimes you’ll run into a streak that increases your strike rate to about 80%, and other times you’ll wish you had backed Winx for number 30 just to curse her.

That is just the way race betting works, and when you hit a difficult spell where your winning percentage drops to 30% and every horse you back suddenly transforms into Chautauqua and refuses to leave the barrier, you need to be able to smile ruefully.

When you win, your smile will be wider.

However, when it completely vanishes, and you begin to believe that Racing Victoria and Racing New South Wales are working together to steal your money, it is time to take a step back and consider why you are engaging in an activity that does not make you happy.


Horse racing is a thrilling and exciting activity that draws spectators from all over the world to Singapore. Always play sensibly and within your means when gambling.

A really unique combination of foreign and local talent, Singapore horse racing gives an amazing experience.

There is always something to learn and enjoy about Singapore horse racing, regardless of your level of experience or familiarity with the activity. Singapore horse racing is expected to keep enthralling spectators for years to come thanks to first-rate facilities, knowledgeable trainers, and brilliant jockeys.


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