Singapore’s official lotteries are run by Singapore Pools Limited, also known as Singapore Pools. This is the location where you learn how to play sports betting online with Singapore Pools if you’re seeking a chance to bet legally in Singapore.

Naturally, situations can become perplexing and uncertain. We’re here to respond to some frequently asked questions and discuss what Singapore Pools has in store for visitors as well as residents & how to play sports betting in Singapore pools.

What are Singapore Pools Sports?

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It was formed on May 23rd, 1968, in reaction to the nation’s illegal gaming industry. Since then, it has given its citizens the chance to continue making legal wagers on sports and various lotteries.

It was primarily done to address the then-existent and widely used illegal betting options. A statutory board of the Ministry of Finance known as the Tote Board acquired ownership of the business on May 1st, 2004.

This made it possible for Singapore Pools to run legally and without any problems. Singapore Pools was also given an exemption under the Remote Gambling Act 2014, which outlaws all kinds of online and remote gambling, by the Ministry of Home Affairs.

The authorization was granted on September 29, 2016.


Sports are a part of what makes gambling popular and still important today. Before the first Olympics were even established, one of the earliest sources of entertainment was sports. Simply put, one might conclude that sports betting was invented in the same period.

For its patrons, Singapore Pools offers a variety of sporting options. Among the group, horse racing may be the most well-liked. Even though it isn’t the most popular activity in the nation, horse racing appears to be the most popular one among local gamblers.

Equine racing

You’d be amazed by the variety of wagering alternatives available here, speaking of horse racing. If you didn’t know, football is perhaps the most popular sport in Singapore, followed by horse racing.

As much as the lottery or Singapore Pools TOTO outcomes, many residents usually keep an eye on the numerous horse racing results.


For many lottery aficionados, the 4D SGpools lottery offers an interesting and convenient lottery. The lottery game only requires players to bet on 4 digits, hence the name. Every time a number selected falls between 0000 and 9999 matches, a prize is awarded..


Singapore TOTO Pools TOTO allows for far greater intricacy, but the rewards are much greater. Picking six numbers from 1 to 49 is all that is required of the player. Six numbers plus one more are called during the draw. On the player’s ticket, a prize is won if there are at least three winning numbers.

Placing sports bets online

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You can place both pre-event and live sports bets while the event is still going on, up until the sales finish. The smallest bet is $1. On the sports site, click Upcoming Events or browse the available bet kinds using the left menu.

Select your choice by clicking the reasonable Odds button to negotiate your wagers in your bet slip. At this time, no bets have been positioned. Before placing your bet, enter your stake on the bet slip and review the prospect expenditure.

Enter your stake for each pick to wager on singles.

Make numerous picks and enter your stake under Multiples to wager on multiples. A choice that was added to the bet slip can be cleared.

To examine the competition, event location, start time, and date, click the information icon. If you want to review your bets again, choose DECLINE; otherwise, choose CONFIRM to confirm your bet selection. Bets could be accepted or offered again.

To keep track of your wagers, view Transaction History.

How To Play Sports Betting Singapore Pools

You can use Singapore Pools to wager on sports by following these steps:

  • Go to one of their authorized locations or the Singapore Pools website. 
  • Pick the game you wish to wager on. Soccer, basketball, tennis, and other sports are among those available for betting at Singapore Pools. 
  • Decide the individual game or event you want to wager on. You’ll discover a list of the offered games together with their related odds. 
  • Select the kind of wager you want to make. Betting options at Singapore Pools include win-draw-win, handicap, over/under, and correct score wagers. Each wager has a unique set of guidelines and payoff schemes. 
  • Decide how much money you want to risk. Don’t forget to gamble. 
  • Send your bet slip to the Singapore Pools staff or place your wager online by following the instructions.
  • Make a bet payment. Depending on the type of wager and the selected sport, the minimum stake may change.
  • Save your confirmation or bet slip as evidence of your wager.
  • Keep an eye on the game or event you bet on to determine whether your forecast was accurate.
  • If your wager is successful, you can go to the Singapore Pools location to collect your winnings or use the website’s instructions to place an online wager.

To ensure a seamless and comfortable sports betting experience, keep in mind to educate yourself on the laws and restrictions established by Singapore Pools.

How can I apply for Singapore Pools?

There are various requirements you must fulfill in order to register or create an account with Singapore Pool. The first requirement is that you must be a resident of Singapore with a local phone number.

You must also be of legal age to continue, just like with every gaming regulation rule. To register, you must be at least 21 years old. Fortunately, foreigners who do not hold Singaporean citizenship can still register provided they are residents of Singapore and can present a valid Singapore Foreign Identification Number, or FIN for short.

If these requirements were satisfied, all you had to do was go to the Singapore Pool website and fill out the registration form. You must visit any nearest Singapore Pools branch with your National Registration Identity Card (NRIC) or Financial Identification Number (FIN) for verification after completing your online registration. The National Council on Problem Gambling will carry out further checks. You only need to log into your account to see the status of your registration.

How do I withdraw money from Singapore Pools?

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Any branch can process a withdrawal from your Singapore Pools account. Before going, you must, however, submit a withdrawal request. Such a request may be processed and submitted in one of two ways: online or by phone.

You only need to log into your account and choose “Withdrawals” from the left navigation to submit an online request. Click “Submit” after filling out the form with the desired withdrawal amount and verifying your password.

To do it over the phone, simply dial 6786 6688 and select “Personal Account Matters” by pressing 1. Once you have logged in, press 1 once again to view your account balance and enter a withdrawal amount by listening to the voice prompts. The money subject to withdrawal will not be available for use (for betting) as long as there is an active withdrawal request. If necessary, you might want to cancel the request.

Each withdrawal request has a 48-hour validity window from the moment it was made, and cash must be withdrawn before the request expires. You’ll have to submit a fresh request if not. Up to $5,000 in withdrawals must be cashed out at any Singapore Pools location. Any amount in excess of that must be cashed out at the Singapore Pools Main Branch.


Only Singaporeans, permanent residents, and bettors with a Singapore Foreign Identification number are permitted to use the Singapore Pools online sportsbook, which is owned by the Singaporean government.

This sportsbook does not provide its customers with any bonuses, special deals, promo codes, or even a loyalty program, in contrast to its rivals. This online sportsbook includes admirable features that are designed to enthrall users.

In this study of a sportsbook, we looked at the Singapore sportsbook’s fantastic odds, variety of betting options, and selection of sporting events, including horse racing, football, and auto racing. 

This sportsbook offers players the chance to wager on live games while simultaneously streaming those events live. Additionally, we looked at the many banking alternatives offered for withdrawal and deposit on the Singapore Pools online sportsbook.

We also looked at how to play sports betting online with Singapore Pools online sports betting user account. Users of iOS and Android mobile devices can access this sportsbook’s well-designed mobile app, and they can also contact customer care by phone or email with any issues or questions.

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